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Packaging India, 100% Cotton Maroon Polo TShirts, Pondicherry   Papercats & AL Rayyan Radio Company, Custom 100% Cotton White & Black Polo TShirt - Doha, Qatar   Satwave Systems, Grey Melange Polo T Shirts, Chennai   Trelleborg Sealing Solutions India Pvt Ltd, 100% Dri Fit Grey Polo T Shirts, Bangalore   Tripod, White Round Neck Tshirts, Hyderabad & Bangalore
Kramer Electronics, Ltd, 100% Cotton Maroon Polo TShirts, Bangalore   Mahindra Lifespaces, 100% Cotton Yellow Round neck TShirt - Chennai, Woven Collared Navy Polo T Shirts, Klagenfurt, Austria   Neeyamo Business Management Consultant, 100% Cotton White Polo Sky blue T Shirts, Chennai   Origin Engineering Solutions, Black polo Tshirts, Bangalore
Elgi Equipments Limited, Dri Fit Marathon TShirts, Coimbatore, Custom 100% Cotton Multi colour Round Neck TShirt - Pune   Google Inc, Bio washed white round neck t-shirts, Hyderabad   Indmax, 100% Contton Grey Melange Polo T Shirts, Hyderabad   Infiniti Software Solutions, White Melange Polo Tshirts, Chennai
Chillr, 100% Cotton Black Polo TShirts, Kochi & Mumbai   Cognizant,100% Cotton White Polo TShirt - Bangalore   CompuCom Offshore Development Center, Black Polo T Shirts, Pune   Delphi connection systems india ltd, Double Merserised Polo T Shirts, Kochi   Disha Interiors, Black with Green Tipping Polo Tshirts, Chennai
KLE College of Engg & Tech, 100% Cotton Yellow, Red & Black Polo TShirts, Chikodi & Belgaum   Phoenix Medical Systems, Custom 100% Cotton White & Black Polo TShirt - Chennai   AVA SOFTWARE, Black Polo T Shirts, Chennai   Raymarine & Elcome International L.L.C, 100% Dri Fit White Polo T Shirts, Dubai   Syntel India, Grey Melange Round Neck Tshirts, Chennai
Akbar Travels Of India, 100% Cotton Red Polo TShirts, Mumbai & Kerala   Kerry Ingredients, Custom 100% Cotton Navy Polo TShirt - Bangalore   Technopark TBI, White Round Neck T Shirts, Trivendram   LPS Bossard, 100% Cotton Royal Blue Polo T Shirts, Rohtak, Haryana   ANDRITZ Technologies, White Polo Tshirts, Chennai
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances & Butterfly India, 100% Cotton Black Polo TShirts, Chennai & All over India   Dassault Systemes India, Custom 100% Dri fit White Polo T Shirts - Chennai   Rane Corporate Centre, White Round Neck Marathon TShirts, Chennai   Baliga Lighting Equipments, 100% Cotton Black Polo TShirts, Chennai   Ericsson, Polo Tshirts, Bangalore
JSW STEEL, 100% Cotton Grey Melange Polo T-Shirts, Bellary   Recall India Information Management , Custom Royal Blue Polo T-Shirt - Mumbai   BarclaysTechnology Center India, White Round Neck TShirts, Pune   Show Space Events Pvt. , 100% Dri Fit Red neck TShirts, Chennai   Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, Vodafone Marathon 100% Dri fit Red Round Neck t-shirts, Coimbatore
Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Chennai & all over India   India Property Online, Custom Red Polo T-Shirt - Chennai   Magtorq, Navy Polo T-Shirts, Hosur.   HORIBA INDIA, 100% Cotton Navy & Apple GReen Polo T-Shirts, Pune   RIDGE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, Kids Polo T-Shirts, KURNOOL
Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 100% Cotton Grey Melange Polo T-Shirts for New Delhi & Chennai   TATA TECHNOLOGIES, Custom Navy t-shirts - Pune   Phocos India Solar,Orange and White Polo T-Shirts, Pondicherry.   Cape Clean, 100% Dri fit Navy Polo T-Shirts, Bangalore   Amphenol Omniconnect India, Grey Melange Polo T-Shirts, Chennai
Prologue Retail Solutions, 100% Cotton Green Polo T-Shirts for Mumbai & Chennai   Anantha Cybertech Custom Orange t-shirts - Chennai   Epi Source India Pvt. Ltd., Orange Polo T-Shirts Chennai.   Chemco plastic Industries, 100% Cotton Black Melange Polo T-Shirts, Mumbai   Inspira Enterprise India White and Maroon Polo T-Shirts, Mumbai

Credit Suisse, 100% Cotton White and Black Polo T-Shirts for Mumbai & Dubai


Alaska, Combed Custom White Melange t-shirts - Chennai


eFocus White Melange Polo T-Shirts Chennai.


e-Zest, Pune, 100% Cotton White Melange Polo T-Shirts


Jindal Power, Raigarh - Exclusive 5 colours Polo T-Shirts


Paypal, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Jaguar, Combed t-shirts - Pune


Land ROver T-Shirts Pune.


SRM Technologies, Chennai, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts


GShoppe, Cochin - Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


TOYOTA KIRLOSKAR LTD,  BANGALORE, Dri fit t-shirts and compressed t-shirts, Gujrat


VINCI Combed t-shirts - New Delhi and Bangalore


Polo T-Shirts Chennai and Chennai.


Ramboll, Chennai, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts


Metal Scope India, Pondicherry - Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


RITTAL India, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Bangalore


Next Education, Combed t-shirts - Hyderabad


Startup Village, Round neck and PolosT-Shirts Cochin and Trivandrum


KOHLER, Jaipur, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts


TICB, Mumbai and Naya Nangal, Punjab India, Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


SIEMENS, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Surat, Gujrat


Mobme, Combed t-shirts - New Delhi and Cochin


Compressed T-Shirts Gurgaon and Chennai.


Daimler, Chennai, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts


Lotte India, Chennai - T-Shirts of Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


Phaeros, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Chennai


Aquaterra, Round Neckt-shirts - New Delhi


Anval, Super Combed t-shirts - Chennai


LG, Pune, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts


Streamnet, Bangalore Exclusive Ribneck T-Shirts


Air Life Studio, Pune, 100% Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Chennai


Magam =, Bangalore, Combed Cotton T-Shirts


ICT Academy, Chennai, Polo T-Shirts


Aishwarya Consolidates,                 Bangalore, Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


GQuotient Chennai, Exclusive Polo T-Shirts


Merserised & Polos T-Shirts for AMD, Hyderabad.


On 2006, 2007 & 2008 T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and lots of garments to Airtel Cochin.


On 2007 Exclusively Collar TShirts have been produced for Capgemini, Pune & Hyderabad.


Tipped Collar TShirts made for Kanbay, Pune.


Polos Inc's first corporate client from Chennai - T-Shirts of Round Neck & Collar


100% Cotton Tipped Collar T-Shirts for Brocade, Chennai.


Synergy, Based from Chennai.  Placed Men & Women T-Shirts in 2007 and again in 2008 - 100% Polyster T-Shirts .


on 2007 ordered T-Shirts in 60% Cotton & 40% Ployster and 100% Cotton Ribneck. In 2008 placed T-Shirts as repeat from SmartValue, Noida.


Tipped Collar TShirts made for Excell Media, Hyderabad.


2007 & 2008 around T-Shirts supplied for Onassis Auto, New Delhi.


Prime Medical Inc, Mumbai based company had received   Polos T-Shirts.


T-Shirts from Clarify, Chennai.


Collar T-Shirts produced for Deegit, Hyderabad.


Collar & Round Neck TShirts made for AART, Mumbai.


Itech Workshop from Bangalore based company placed Collar T-Shirts in Men and Women.


Recently we have done Polos T-Shirts for Compindia, Chennai.


Polo T-Shirts - Flextronics, Chennai.


Tipped Collar TShirts made for Netlogin, Bangalore.


Murugappa based from Chennai,  placed value added T-Shirts to participate some events in Bangalore


Pricesbolo, Polos Inc made Collar T-Shirts for their concern.

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