Be a Trend Creator by Designing your own T-Shirt

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Why should one follow the trend when there are numerous ways to create your own trend, yes you can do this at Polos Inc. Create your own pattern, design style with international flavours of your choice. You need not go in search for products out of India; you will very well get everything done for you at Tirupur Polos Inc.

Designs can be of any type like abstract drawings, funny figures, line patterns, floral, trendy pocket prints, hand drawn designs, align typography with repeated texts. Add vibrant colours one two or more colour to your creativity, light colours for dark base and bright colours for light colour fabric. Retro fonts and designs are been liked very much by today’s teens, so you can follow today’s trend in your way.

Polos Inc have many designs created which will assist you to think even further creative. Design tools will guide you to pick the right colours and right fonts to mix match the fabric and the creative art. Play polos offer various kinds of printing option, screen printing technique, digital printing, discharge printing. All of superior quality with bright and vibrant colours, by using digital sublimation or heat transfer technique. Visit us at and get your trendy t shirt printing online India. Polos Inc has marketing offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Tirupur.