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We are bulk producers who produce brilliant quality and innovatively designed low priced variety of T-Shirts. We manufacture T-Shirts as per your requirement and quality + quantity order. 

Made In Tirupur. Our signature reliability and innovative designs have made us one of the wellknown names in the T-Shirt industry, in Tirupur. Our vast offering include sweat shirts, V-Neck, Collared, Round Neck, Zipped and Buttoned designs. We undertake manufacturing of promotional and printing of TShirts for special purposes as per instructions in the organization’s brief. 

Also consider us for purchase of wholesale t shirts, with customisations, with designs and fabrics chosen by you. Our merchandising experts, topof-the-line printing equipment and support staff allow you to innovate and play with colours, design and embroideries, providing impeccable quality, timely delivery and after sales.

Get lucrative discounts and gifts for the continual support that you extend to us. And think of us when you require t shirts of any design, texture, and fabric for any one of your purposes.

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